The Challenge

Cartonajes Font applied the classic sales process employed in the cardboard industry. The sales team received a list of leads at the beginning of each week and then spent all week outside of the office endeavouring to convert these leads into sales. At the end of each working day, every salesperson had to fill out a report outlining the day’s activities. These reports were completed using a combination of Excel spreadsheets and a CRM system.

The salespeople felt the system could be improved upon. Their main problem was that the forms took valuable time away from selling, which ultimately was how they were evaluated. Not only were the salespeople unhappy, but Manel Muñoz, Director of Sales, was also unsatisfied with the system. There were too many different reports and no system was in place that aggregated all the information in a clear fashion. It further complicated the already challenging job of boosting sales.

Coaching his salespeople also proved difficult, as it was hard to get a picture of what was happening behind the static reports. Mr. Muñoz described the situation as follows, “The system was supposed to be a simple means of transferring information, so that I can do my job of coaching the salespeople. However, my salespeople spent an excessive amount of time on the forms, which provided no value to me or our company.” He added, “I wanted to give my salespeople the proper tools to help them do their job.”

The Solution

The two main reasons underlying Mr. Muñoz’s decision to adopt ForceManager are its ease of use and the provision of relevant information in real time.

ForceManager was designed with the out-of-office salesperson in mind.

In other words, when Cartonajes Font’s salespeople are out visiting clients, they do not need to worry about being buried in paperwork once they leave. ForceManager eliminates the paperwork by making it simple and easy to enter information in the system.

This information becomes highly significant as the sales process continues since it can be accessed by the salespeople at all times.

Before entering a current or prospective client, a salesperson can view all the interactions that have taken place between them and the other party, such as emails, phone calls or comments made after their last meeting. For Mr. Muñoz, having access to real-time relevant information concerning his sales team is invaluable. ForceManager gives Mr. Muñoz real-time information on his salespeople’s activities (i.e. phone calls, emails and visits) as well as each salesperson’s agenda. Mr. Muñoz can use this information to identify and learn best practices and to coach his people in the areas in which they need most help.

The Result

Mr. Muñoz and his team at Cartonajes Font are extremely pleased with the benefits that adopting ForceManager has yielded for their organisation.

For the salespeople, ForceManager has become a tool that builds credibility and helps them sell. In an industry in which most people still use a pen and paper to take notes, Cartonajes Font’s salespeople are using the latest technology. Our salespeople are better prepared on entering meetings and have access to clients’ relevant information at all times. When the meeting ends, they no longer have to deal with the hassle of reports and can immediately begin preparing for the next meeting.

Mr. Muñoz adds, “ForceManager has brought transparency to each individual’s performance, which has led the team to self-monitor and to strive for improvement.”

For Mr. Muñoz, ForceManager has provided the real-time information he was looking for. He is able to view each salesperson’s activity and identify the areas of the sales process in which he or she may need help. He makes decisions based on facts and figures rather than relying solely on his intuition. Lastly, Mr. Muñoz explains, “ForceManager provides us with a picture of the entire spectrum of activity of our salespeople. This means that we can now place a value on effort as well as on results.”